Commercial Packaging Services

We offer a variety of options for your products:

  • Custom Package Designs

  • Corrugated + Solid Fibers

  • Manufacturing Concerns

  • Sustainable New Materials

  • Retail Attraction + Shelf Life

  • Point of Purchase {POP} Displays

  • Global/Domestic Shipping Strategies

  • Custom Design Package Consulting



Custom Packaging Designs

We offer innovative and custom designs options for your all commercial product packaging needs. Our solutions get you to the store safely to further help you stand out on the shelf. 

Manufacturing Realities + Concerns

The real world scenarios in packaging world can be immense from supplier challenges, production delays, shipping issues and more. Leverage our over 40 years of experience so you can skip common pitfalls and be ready to react when the inevitable occurs. 

Global / Domestic Shipping Strategies

Designing for shipping to retail stores is a critical concern. Materials and weight loads are areas you will need to manage to keep your manufacturing costs down and profits up!


We've been trained by Dow Ethafoam, sealed air bubble & foams, Polyair, bubble & foams, Urethane foam manufacturers to develop cushioned packaging for a broad range of products and industries. Whether moving expensive machinery, industrial parts, electronic products of all sizes, fabrication of foams of all types are all within our expertise.  Our speciality areas are designing with a multitude of materials; wood, corrugated, solid fibers, to create packaging structures that can withstand the journey. This is a complicated business now mastered.

Design Consulting

Understanding the design process for styles and strengths, plus printing types, we are well versed to take your situation and develop a balanced package, to protect, market, store, ship your valued products. Expertly working within the economics of this global industry:

  • Comparative costs of production, labor to assemble and load product costs, manual and machine options, graphics capability and costs, contract purchasing and inventory levels. 

We bring to you a balanced solution to meet and exceed your design needs.


Initially, we discuss your brand/company, the scope of this project, your related marketing program, graphics designs, unit and multi-packaging to arrive at a balanced analysis. We then submit formal reports, spreadsheets, physical samples, cost estimates, and related machinery options in detail.  Consulting rates dependent upon the complexity of the project an billed hourly or project based.
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Corrugated + Solid Fiber Board Packaing

A diversity of options for boxes and package materials with durability, design and affordability concerns to maximize your products on and off the shelf. Paper and cardboard, plastic films, bio materials, tapes and glues are all components.

Solid fiber board is an area of folding type cartons and displays well within our experience. We have designed, coordinated art and graphics, sampled, quoted, supplied folding cartons and displays made from fiberboard. This packaging covers a huge range from food, candy, pharmaceutical drugs, personal items, promotional items, and product of all types.

For over 40 years, we have distributed corrugated of all types through national and regional manufacturers. We are expertly versed in the corrugated industry; design, testing, specifications, manufacturing, cost-analysis, sales and consulting advisors. From RSC into specialty cartons, die-cuts, press runs, post & pre-printed, color flexos, all board tests and flutes. We can strategically advice on all your corrugated products and projects.

Point of Purchase [POP] Displays

We have supplied POP displays since the '70s in both corrugated and fiberboard of all shapes and sizes, counter to floor for a huge range of products. We owned a fulfillment facility to supply, warehouse, pack products, ship bulk and individual programs. We've supported national producers with expert experience to develop displays for companies including advertising agencies and commercial printers. We have you covered for POP.

Packaging Materials + Supplies

We work with large international privately owned packaging distribution companies. The range of products over four decades of work, has been extensive.
Frequently used materials include:

  • Tapes, cushioning, bubble, foam, mailing bags of film, industrial bags of all types & constructions, photo-sensitive labels of all types, industrial papers, shrink & stretch films, and affiliated packing items.

Mike Brick, has graduated from the 3M and Permacel schools. Over our decades of experience we have attended countless seminars with a wide diversity of packaging manufacturers. Please contact us for any questions relating to supplies.

Sustainable New Materials

At Brickpack we focus on new modern materials for a lighter impact on the planet and for your corporate social responsibility. We can assist you with the following materials for your design:

🌎 Recyclable

🌎 Compostable

🌎 Biodegradable

🌎 Breakthrough Materials